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consignment saleConsignment Sale

Consignment Sales Service

We offer consignment sales services to sell items on behalf of our customers.
Since the listings include major domestic and international online shopping malls, they are exposed to a wide range of audiences, greatly expanding the possibilities for sales.

We will take care of all procedures necessary for exhibiting items, including photographing and producing manuscripts.
In addition, your information is private, so you can use our service with peace of mind.

Consignment sales are not a guarantee of sale.
Consignment sales are subject to a 30% commission fee, which is borne by the customer.

Flow of Consignment Sales

What you need

Item(s) you wish to have appraised

(Watches, brand name items, accessories, etc.)

photo ID

We will make a copy at the time of transaction.

My number card
Basic Resident Registration Card
*Supplementary documents for passports without address
 (utility bill receipt addressed to you, etc.) is required.

Flow of Transactions


coming to the store

Please come to the store with your items (including accessories) and ID.



We will keep the consignment for about 3 days to calculate the necessary maintenance fee.
The sales price will be determined upon consultation, taking into consideration market conditions and maintenance costs.


Sales start

The products will be displayed on leading domestic and international e-commerce sites.
The items will begin to appear on the site within two weeks of being listed on the site and will remain there for three months.



If the property is sold, we will pay you the sale price minus a 30% commission.
Payment will be made in cash or by bank transfer. 1
If the property is not sold, a maintenance fee will be charged and the property will be returned. 2

*1: We will contact you by phone. If you wish to pay in cash, please come to our store.
*2: Please come to the store to return your items and pay the maintenance fee.

track record

Consignment Sales Service Use

I want to sell it for more than the assessed value, even if it takes longer.

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 50s, female, Mrs. A

Company S wristwatch
purchase rate (e.g. of a stock)
150,000-200,000 yen
Customer Preferred Price
350,000 yen
track record
I used this service because I wanted to sell it for as high a price as possible. There seemed to be many sales channels and I was able to sell at the asking price.

Consignment Sales Service Use

Used because I wanted to sell for the asking price.

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 40's Male T

Company R wristwatch
purchase rate (e.g. of a stock)
Around 850,000 yen
Customer Preferred Price
1 million yen
track record
The parts were repaired, polished, etc. to increase the value of the watch, and the sale was completed.